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Handcrafted Quality

Custom Furniture & Accents

by Aaron Blohowiak

I create functional pieces featuring sculptural forms in the tradition of American Studio Furniture.

– Aaron


Armrest Mini Coffee Table

Made to fit your couch, in Black Walnut or White Oak. 1-2 week lead time.

Custom Furniture, Portfolio Examples


Kumiko Media Cabinet

A quiet and dynamic statement

Case Study: Custom Tables

A beloved Camphor Laurel reached the end of its life as a standing tree and was saved from the wood chipper and given second life as tables for the family that cared for it. A licensed arborist and sawyer were contracted to fell the tree and mill the log. I oversaw the air drying and created the tables, giving the tree new life at the center of family time. The table bases reference the work of George Nakashima.

Camphor Tables 1/2


Camphor Tables, 2/2


Timeless Simplicity

Sapele Hall Table

A slender hall table with a ribbon Sapele top and textured milk paint base in Poplar. The top's Ogee edge profile reflects architectural mouldings in the space it was designed for while pastel milk paint matched other furniture in the room.

Pressently Accepting Commissions

I love making boxes; sometimes the box is its own treasure.

Studying Great Works

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” - Newton, 1675.

 Reproducing a great work lets inspiration sink in as the time spent in fabrication is a meditation, changing perspective from observer of a piece to provide deeper access to the original designer's viewpoint. The intent behind sharing these studies is to celebrate their origins andrejoice in the practice. While our original and custom work references established design elements, we do not offer reproductions for sale.